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Auction History – Verden, Germany

The auctions in Verden, Germany started in 1949, and as of 1972, the historic Niedersachsenhalle has been the venue for all auction events. In the early years, there were only two Elite Auctions per year, in April and October, but due to its popularity, addition auctions in January and July were added in 1985 and then even more auctions in May and November were added in 1994.

In 1975, the first foal auction with an extensive offer of youngsters enriched the auction year. As of 1994, the offer at the Elite Auctions was completed by early resp. lately born foals as well. In 2004, the offer of the May auction was also enlarged in this respect.

Brood mares are sold at the Elite Foal and Brood Mare auctions in August and November. The Stallion licensing and the following Stallion sales at the end of October are the highlight of the Hanoverian breeding and sales each year.

Elite Riding Horse Auctions

The most popular of the Verden auctions are the Elite Riding Horse Auctions. They were established in 1949, and are not only the oldest in Germany, but the most famous riding horse auctions in the world.  Such decorated horses as “Aramis” (World-Cup-Winner under Mario Deslauriers), “Mr. T” (World Champion under Gail Greenough) or “Walk on Top” (World-Cup-Winner under Louise Nathorst) once graced the auction stage before attaining greatness.  The horses are delivered at least four weeks before the auction and they are trained and attended to by a high-class team of riders, trainers and veterinarians. During the whole training period it is possible to watch and test the horses. The Elite Riding auctions take place twice a year, in April and October.

Riding Horse Auctions

These auctions offer good riding horses at an attractive price level. The training period lasts 10 days, and during that time the horses can be watched and tested at any time.

Elite Foal and Brood Mare Auctions

These auctions are always held at the end of August.  About 300 selected foals and approximately 20 brood mares are offered for sale. All of the brood mare’s show successes, must be proven. Three-year-olds and older must be guaranteed to be in foal.